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Why Us

Here are a few of the many reasons why we would hope you would consider purchasing your next car from Kilcoyne & Scahill Motors

  • SIMI Approved Dealer
  • All Our Cars Come Fully Serviced To Manufacturers Specifications
  • All Our Cars Come With Our Own In House Comprehensive Warranty
  • All Our Cars Come NCT Tested If Applicable
  • Someone To Ring If The Worst Happens – Breakdown, Crash, Wrong Fuel Put In, Flat Battery etc
  • Full After Sales Service To Keep You Newly Purchased Car In Tip Top Condition
  • Buyer Beware – If you see a car you are looking at advertised somewhere else for thousands less than the average price for that particular model, can you be sure there is not some story with this vehicle?
  • The price advertised is an all-inclusive price – no hidden surprises.


Considering going to the UK yourself to purchase your new car?? Before you go carefully consider the following

Hidden administration charges – some companies charge you up to £500 to sell you the car!

When you purchase your car in the UK or Northern Ireland it is a straight deal – No Warranty – No Comeback – VRT not paid, which may be a significant amount extra than had allowed for. Also there maybe VAT implications which will further increase the cost of your new car.

If you are willing to purchase your new car under the above conditions you will find the Irish dealer will match the price!

If you or your family need work experience/apprenticships or employment you need to spend your money locally, or at least in Ireland.

When you sell your old car you may have to take substantially less for it than you first though or factored in so in effect the new car will be costing you more! Along with the trouble & time spend trying to sell it.

Sit down and honestly make up the full cost of purchasing the car – boat, VRT, flights, accommodation , food, fuel etc. and you will soon see this saving you think you are making disappear!

No warranty or back up – with the best will in the world if someone is in another country it is very difficult for them to look after you if you newly purchased car breaks down or causes any problems – leaving you with the very real possibility of a BIG repair bill on your new car.

Will someone who will never see you again look after you as carefully as someone like ourselves who hopes that whatever car you buy from us is the first of many?

Are you comfortable enough with your knowledge of cars to part with your hard earned cash for a car that someone you will never see again assures you is OK????

If the worst happens and you do buy an car with problems, the procedure for any legal comeback is far more costly & complicated that dealing with a car dealer in this state

Above All We Will Be Here – If You Have Any Question or Problem – no matter how big or small